At Mano Crew, we help arrange parties of all sizes, as well as any other events that take planning, muscle power and practical solutions. We can help with pretty much anything:  building stages, providing sound and lighting or moving stuff from A to B, whatever you need. We also provide event staff and temps.

Mano Crew takes charge of making sure the stage is in the right place when Hamlet is being staged in Helsingør. When the office is running the annual 5K at the DHL run in Fælledparken in Copenhagen, Mano Crew have set up all the tents. When the BogForum book fair opens its doors at Bella Center Mano Crew have helped major publisher Gyldendal with their stand. For Folkemødet – the annual open-air democratic event on the island of Bornholm – Mano Crew have helped the Danish Agriculture & Food Council get their tent ready for the debate to begin. When Scandic Copenhagen host their conferences, we at Mano Crew make sure everything is ready for the guests.

Need help developing ideas, planning and coordinating your production? Do you need an event producer? What about event security? For further assistance with any kind of event we refer you to our associate companies Mano Event and Mano Security.

With 19 years experience in the event business we are experts on both the technical and practical aspects of event execution. We provide stagehands for all kinds of events; lighting, sound and stages for major festivals as well as staff for trade fairs or local fêtes.
We are also happy to help obtaining any permits required from local authorities.

We supply individual solutions and stagehands to help with:

  • Stages and rigging
  • Lighting and sound
  • AV
  • Fencing, e.g. mojo fencing, bicycle barricades and construction fencing
  • Trade Fairs
  • Tents
  • Tables and chairs
  • Scenography, stage sets and decorations

Simply put, we can help with almost anything in the field of events and entertainment.

Contact us here to hear how we can give you a hand.